11. The evidence of pit dwelling has been obtained from which site –

a) Burzahom

b) Brahmagiri

c) Koldihwa

d) Sanganakallu

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12. Maximum number of human skeletons have been found from which rock shelter of Vindhyas –

a) Morahana pahar

b) Ghagharia

c) Baghahi khor

d) Lekhahia

13. Which of the following is not a Harappan site –

a) Desalpur

b) Sohgaura

c) Chanhudaro

d) Kotdiji

14.  Indus Civilization people were characterized by –

  1. They possessed great places and temples.
  2. They worshiped both male and female deities.

2. They employed horse- drawn chariots in warfare.

select the correct answer using the code given below

a) 1 and 2

b) only 2

c) all of these

d) none of these

15. which of the following civilizations flourished on the bank of river Nile –

a) Roman civilization

b) Indus valley civilization

c) Greek civilization

d) Egyptian civilization


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11. a) Burzahom

12. d) Lekhahia

13. b) Sohgaura

14. b) only 2

15. d) Egyptian civilization

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