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71. Which of the following is a man-made paddy?

A. Tritkel

B. Tritium Bulgear

C. Zia mez

D. Hordeum Bulgear

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Correct Answer is A

72. The plants which grow on saline soils are called?

A. Halophytes

B. Succulents

C. Hydrophytes

D. Xerophytes

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Correct Answer is B

73. The opium is extracted from which part of the plant?

A. Root

B. Stem

C. Leaf

D. Flower

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Correct Answer is D

74. Which of the following hormones contains Iodine?

  1. Thyroxine
  2. Testosterone
  3. Insulin
  4. Adrenaline

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Answer- (1)

The major component of thyroxin hormone is iodine. The deficiency of Iodine causes goiter.

75. The major chemical compound found in kidney stones is:

  1. Urea
  2. Calcium carbonate
  3. Calcium oxalate
  4. Calcium Sulphate

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Answer – (3)

Calcium oxalate is 80% of kidney stone, uric acid is 5%, Magnesium and ammonium phosphate 13% and amino acid cysteine is 2%.

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