26. The purpose of employing supercharging for an engine is-

A. to provide forced cooling

B. to inject excess fuel for coping with higher load

C. to raise exhaust pressure

D. to supply an intake of air at a density greater than the density of the surrounding atmosphere

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Correct Answer is D

With Supercharging a greater mass flow rate is provided, hence more oxygen to support combustion. This allows more fuel to be burned and more work per cycle.

27. Which one of these fuels can be obtained by fermentation of vegetable matters-

A. Alcohol

B. Gasoline

C. Diesel

D. Benzene

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Correct Answer is A

28. Which of the following cannot be controlled by a three-way catalytic converter?

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A. CO Emission

B. HC Emission

C. SPM Emission

D. NOx

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Correct Answer is C

three-way catalytic converter-

  • Palladium → CO
  • Rhodium → NOx
  • Platinum → HC

Cannot control the emission of particulate matters


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