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Toppers Portal: Get Free Unlimited Study Materials

Today there is increased competition, and we believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. So, we came up with the idea to amalgamate the Study Materials with basic notes that are theoretically as well as practically feasible for the aspirants.

Story Behind the Idea

It’s a generation where mobile and the internet are more important than books and notebooks. Most of the students do not make notes and when the examination approaches, the pumping of blood increases. They do not get enough time to go through the entire book and then the importance of making notes comes to mind.

I realized that there is a need for something which would help to get rid of making notes and carrying those heavy books while traveling. So, I decided to make notes online. This will not only help me but will also help all those who do not get or are able to prepare good study notes.


Our goal is to make the learning process easy and everything available at your fingertips, and most importantly free*. We want you to get rid of those bulky books and notebooks that you often hesitate to carry on shifting places but feel the importance of those notes.  

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