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Short Notes on Types of Tax for SSC, Bank

Brief Notes Types of Taxes for SSC, UPSC, Banking and other competitive Exams.
multiple choice questions

Botany Objective Questions and Answers

Check out these Biology MCQ. Biology Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers for Different Competitive Exams with Explanations.
English Synonyms

Important Synonyms for Competitive Exams

Important Synonyms of English For SSC CGL / CHSL/MTS Exam. Attempt these questions for the competitive exams and many more.
History Notes

Brief Notes on Jainism for UPSC, SSC, BPSC

Important Jainism Study Notes For UPSC, SSC Exams. The 3 principles of Jainism are also known as Triratnas (three gems). Jain Councils, Jainism Real Founder
Biological Classification

Biological Classification of Organisms

Here are the short notes of "Living Organism Classification" which will help you in your exams like SSC, Banking and other competitive examinations. The scientific way of grouping, identifying and naming of living organisms on the basis of certain characteristics is called “Classification”. Systems of Classification
One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution A to Z

Important One Word Substitution A to Z for SSC, Banking and other competitive Exams, interviews. commonly asked in SSC, IBPS, UPSC exams
SSC Maths

Polynomials Definition, Types, Identities

What Is a Polynomial? A polynomial is an expression consisting of variables...types of polynomials to solve polynomials, factoring polynomials.
multiple choice questions

Chemistry Objective Question and Answer

Chemistry Objective question designed to give you practice UPSC, RRB, SSC, Banking, CDS, NDA and different state exams. Questions the colors of the firecrackers are extracted from the elements of the salt of - A. Zn and S B. Cr and Ni C. Sr and Ba D. K and Hg

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