Mechanical Engineering Short Notes

Notes on Power Screw

These power screw Notes.. used for lifting and lowering the mass slowly which is required in Any… Design of Power Screw: The following notes are provided

Classification of Gears

Classification of Gears
Gears may also be classified according to the position of the axis of shaft:

1. Parallel
Spur Gear
Helical Gear
Rack and Pinion
2. Intersecting
Bevel Gear
3. Non-intersecting and Non-parallel

Mechanical Engineering Short Notes

Stress Strain Lecture Notes

It is the resistive force per unit area.
Stress = (Applied Load, P)/(Cross-sectional area, A)
Unit-  Newton per Sq. meter

Mechanical Engineering Short Notes

Modes of Heat Transfer

Notes on Modes of Heat Transfer: Coduction, Convection, Radiation. Short and Concise, highlighting important points. Prepare for GATE, IES, ISRO, PSUs,

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