Notes on Power Screw

Notes on Power Screw

For Objective Type Questions (Machine Design)- Click Here Note – If you come across any error, please write to us or comment below. Power Screw Definition A power screw is a mechanical device used for converting rotary motion into linear motion and for...
Gear Ratio: Definition, Formula, Advantages, Uses

Classification of Gears

Classification of Gears Gears may also be classified according to the position of the axis of shaft: 1. Parallel Spur Gear Helical Gear Rack and Pinion 2. Intersecting Bevel Gear 3. Non-intersecting and Non-parallel Worm and Worm Gears Read More⇒ Machine Design...
Notes on Power Screw

Stress Strain Lecture Notes

Definitions Stress It is the resistive force per unit area. Stress = (Applied Load, P)/(Cross-sectional area, A) Unit-  Newton per Sq. meter Strain and Strain Types It is the ratio of change in the configuration, within the elastic limit, of a body to its original...
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