Class 10 Chapter 6 Life Processes Biology Notes

Chapter 6 Life Processes Notes

These Chapter 6 Life Processes Notes will help you fetch good marks in your CBSE Board Exam. Go through the notes sincerely and help yourself get good marks.

What are Life Processes?

All living things need to perform some basic functions to sustain their life. The basic processes or functions performed to maintain their life are called Life Processes.

Baisc Life Processes common to all living things-

  • Nutrition
  • Respiration
  • Transportation
  • Excretion
  • Control and Coordination
  • Growth
  • Movement
  • Reproduction

Features of Living Things

What are the main features of Living Things (Organisms)?

  • Response to Stimulus
  • Growth and Development
  • Movement and locomotion
  • Reproduction
  • Metabolism

Define the following terms – Life Processes, Stimulus, Response, Metabolism, food?

What is stimulus (stimuli)?

Any change in the environment is called stimulus.

What is Response?

The reaction of the organisms according to the stimulus is called Response.

What is Metabolism?

It is the total bio-chemical reactions that is taking place in the body of an organism is called metabolism.

Define Food?

The substances that are essential for performing life activities are called foods.

Function of Food

What is the function of food?

  • provide energy for different metabolic activities
  • forming of structural component of the body
  • repairing of damage cells and tissues
  • protection from diseases
  • develops immunity


What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a process of intake of nutrients and its utilization by an organism.

Nutrients  can be defiend as a substance whuch an organism obtains from its surroundings and utilizes it as a source of energy. Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins and Water are the nutrients required by every organism for the biosynthesis of its body.

Macro-Nutrients- required in large quantities like Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins

Micronutrients- required in small quantities like Vitamins and Minerals

Modes of Nutrition

Define Mode of Nutrition?

Mode of Nutrition is a process or means by which an organism obtains its food. All organisms do not obtain the food in the same manner.

Depending on the method of obtaining food by an organism, the oragnisms can be classified into two categories-

  1. Autotrophic
  2. Heterotrophic

Autotrophic Mode of Nutrition

What is Autotrophic Nutrition?

Auto means Self and Trophe means Nutrition. So, Autrotrophic means Self Nutrition.

Autotrophic nutrition is that mode of nutrition in which an organism makes its own food from the simple inorganic materials like CO2 and water with the help of sunlight.

The organisms that prepare their own food are called Autotrophs.

Types of Autotrophic Nutrition
  1. Photo Autotrophic: Organisms derive energy from sunlight (photosynthesis). Ex- Green Plants
  2. Chemo Autotrophic: Organisms derive energy from chemicals (Chemosynthesis). Ex- Some Bacteria, Blue Green Algae

Heterotrophic Mode of Nutrition

What is Heterotrophic Nutrition?

Heterotrophic mode of nutrition is that mode of nutrition in which the organisms cannot make their own food. A heterotrophic organism is a consumer that is it derives its nutrition from others.

Animals belonging to the heterotrophic mode of nutrition are called heterotrophic organisms or Heterotrophs.

Types of Heterotrophic Nutrition
  1. Saprotrophic Nutrition
  2. Parasitic Nutrition
  3. Holozoic Nutrition


Define Respiration?

It is the process of releasing energy from food.

Word Equation of Respiration Process

Food + Oxygen → Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy

Respiration is very important for an organism as it helps in carrying out the life processes.

Respiration in Human Beings

For carrying out the process of respiration, Human Respiratory System is involved.

Respiration in Plants


Define Transportation?

Transporation in Human Beings

Transporation in Plants


Define Excretion?

Excretion in Human Beings

Excretion in Plants

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