One Word Substitution A to Z

One Word Substitution is an important part of the English proficiency test included in verbal ability questions answers of English aptitude for SSC, Banking and other competitive Exams.

Although there is no guarantee but these are the most repeated and the important ones.

Here we provide you the list of One Word Substitution from A-Z.

Word Starting with A

Abattoir – A place where animals are killed for food, A slaughterhouse

Accentuate – Giving more force or importance to, to emphasize

Accomplice – Helper in a crime or wrong deed.

Ablution – Ritual Washing of the body. Ex- Muslims wash their faces, hands, and legs before their prayers.

Agnosticism – Doubtful about the existence of God.

Alimony – Allowance fixed after divorce to a wife.

Addendum – Things to be added at the end of a book.

Aggressor – Someone who attacks first.

Atheist – A person who doesn’t believe in the existence of God.

Avaricious – One who is greedy.

Amateur – Lacking professional skill or expertise.

Antagonist – One that opposes others.

Amnesia – Partial or total loss of memory.

Analgesia – The loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious.

Apostate – One who abandons his religious faith.

Word Starting with B

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Brittle – Things that are easily broken.

Biography – The life history of a man written by someone else.

Bilingual – One who can speak two languages.

Bellicose – A person who is fond of fighting.

Boorish – Person who is rough and ill-mannered.

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