The term ‘Squirrel Cage’ is associated with

  • Pressure gauges
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Potentiometers
  • Electric motors

The phenomenon of increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to the absorption of the infra-red radiations reflected from the earth’s surface is called-

  • Tsunami
  • Solar heating
  • Green-house effect
  • Seismic effect

Why is it recommended that people should not use charcoal or gas stoves in closed rooms?

  • The electrical wiring in the room may catch fire
  • The stoves will get extinguished
  • It can cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • The stoves may burst

The most effective way to improve safety in a vast organization like the Indian Railways is to-

  • Ignore small acts of negligence by the staff
  • Carry out frequent checks
  • Educate the staff at all levels
  • Punish defaulting staff

The density of water is maximum at

  • 100°C
  • 0°C
  • -273°C
  • 4°C

Which one of the following quantities does not have a unit?

  • Velocity
  • Density
  • Specific Gravity
  • Mass

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A Swimmer finds it easier to swim in seawater than in plain water. Why?

  • Seawater has less contamination
  • Sea waves help a swimmer to swim
  • Seawater has a higher density than plain water
  • Sea has a much higher volume of water

Humidity refers to-

  • Both temperature and moisture contents of the air
  • The temperature of the air
  • The moisture content of the air
  • The pressure of the air

Boyle’s law states that-

  • Volume is directly proportional to temperature
  • Pressure is inversely proportional to temperature
  • Pressure is directly proportional to temperature
  • Pressure is inversely proportional to volume

The Purity of milk is confirmed by-

  • Barometer
  • Lactometer
  • Altimeter
  • Gyroscope

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