SSC History Quiz – 01

The aspirants who are preparing for exams like UPSC, SSC GGL, SSC CHSL, Banking, and other General competitions can go for this quiz.

This Quiz consists of a total of 10 questions from History.

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Total Questions: 10

Time: 05 minutes

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SSC Histoy Quiz-01

Quiz on History for Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, and other general competitive Exams.

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Who among the following introduced the subsidiary alliance system in India?

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When was the first Round Table Conference was held?

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In which year was the Swarajya Party established?

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The independent states of India and Pakistan was created by-

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In which year Goa was captured by the Portuguese?

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Who was the viceroy of India when Rowlat Act got passed?

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The first woman president of Indian National Congress-

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Who was the founder of the Independent League?

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Who is also known as the father of Modern India?

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Who was the founder of Prarthana Samaj?

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