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Practice Geography Quiz

Hello Aspirants, If you are preparing for exams like SSC GGL, SSC CHSL, Banking, UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC, NDA, CDS then you can go for this quiz.

This Quiz consists of a total of 10 questions from Geography.

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Total Questions: 10

Time: 5 minutes

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Quiz No. 01

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Geography Quiz

Geography Quiz-01

Quiz on Geography for Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, and other general competitive Exams.

Total Questions: 10          Duration: 5 minutes

Select the correct option out of the four alternatives.

All Questions are compulsory.

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Which is the most densely populated state of India (Census 2011)?

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Erosion of soil by rivers mainly depends on-

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HBJ pipelines carry natural gas from?

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Ema is an example of this?

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Which of the following country is closest to the Andaman Islands?

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What is the outermost layer of the sun is called?

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Who discovered the Solar System?

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The tropic of cancer does not pass through which of these following Indian states ?

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Which among the following is a Trans- Himalayan river?

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The term Epicenter is connected with-

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