Physics Quiz- 01

This physics quiz consists of questions that were previously asked in the SSC Exam.

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SSC Physics Quiz-01

Total Questions: 10

Time: 5 minutes

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What is the frequency of a wave whose time period is 0.05 second?

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The rotational effect of a force on a body about an axis of rotation is described in terms of the-

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What is the unit of Work and Energy?

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The energy possessed by a body in motion is called?

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Which of these rays are not electromagnetic in nature?

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Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircraft?

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If a lift is going up with acceleration, the apparent weight of a body-

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The reason for the clouds to float in the atmosphere is due to-

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When the moon is near the horizon, it appears bigger due to-

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Which of these elements is most abundant in the earth's surface after Oxygen?

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