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21. (d)

22. (d)

23. (d) As per the data of 2017 after USA the list of countries are as follows- China, Russia, India, Canada, Brazil.

24. (c)

25. (b)

26. Sariska and Ranthambore are reserved for a particular animal. Which is this animal?

(a) Lion

(b) Deer

(c) Tiger

(d) Bear

27. India owns one of the largest livestock population in the world. It accounts for nearly 57% of the world’s buffalo population and 16% of the cattle population. India’s position is ………. as a producer of milk in the world.

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Fifth

(d) Tenth

28. Which river is mainly associated with the Sardar Sarovar Project?

(a) Ganga

(b) Brahmaputra

(c) Krishna

(d) Narmada

29. Which port city in Odisha was damaged during the 1999 super cyclone?

(a) Visakhapatnam

(b) Paradeep

(c) Mandvi

(d) Kandla

30. The capital of Hungary is?

(a) Sanna

(b) Budapest

(c) Vienna

(d) Warsaw

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