Solid Friction and Viscosity Similarities & Dissimilarities

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What is Friction?

Friction is the force that opposes the motion. It acts between the surfaces in contact.

There are basically four types of frictions-

  • Static Friction
  • Sliding
  • Rolling Friction
  • Fluid Friction

Definition of Solid Friction

The friction that acts between the surfaces of solid surfaces. Static, Sliding and Rolling Frictions are the examples of Solid Frictions.

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Viscosity Definition

It is the internal friction of fluid flow. It is the measure of fluid’s resistance to flow.

Dissimilarities Friction Viscosity

Let us look at the differences or dissimilarities of Solid Friction and Viscosity.

  • Viscous force is directly proportional to the relative velocity of the layers of liquid under consideration whereas Solid Friction is independent of the relative velocity of bodies in contact.
  • Viscosity is proportional to the surface area of contact of liquid layers whereas Solid friction is independent of the area of surfaces in contact.
  • Viscosity does not depend on the normal reaction between the two layers in contact but Solid Friction does.

Similarities Friction Viscosity

Let us look now at the similarities of Solid Friction and Viscosity.

  • Both oppose the motion.
  • Both acts tangentially in the opposite direction of motion.
  • The result of intermolecular forces. Both oppose the motion.

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