Brief Notes on Jainism for UPSC, SSC, BPSC

Important Notes on Jainism

  • Founder of Jainism- Rishabhadeva
  • Real Founder- Mahavira
  • 1st Tirthankara- Rishabhadeva
  • 23rd Tirthankara- Parsavanath
  • 24th Tirthankara- Mahavira

Parsavanath’s Life

  • Father’s Name- Ashwasen (A King of Banaras)
  • Mother’s Name- Vama
  • He left his home at the age of 49, reached Sammed Mountain (Ranchi, Jharkhand) and got Kaivalya.

Doctrine of Parswanath

  • Satya
  • Ahimsa
  • Asteya
  • Aparigraha

Mahavir’s Life

  • Birth Place- Kundgram (Vaishali)
  • Birth Period – 599 BC/568 BC/ 540 BC (NCERT- 599 BC)

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The Principle of Jainism as preached by Mahavira

  • Rejected the authorities of Vedas and the Vedic rituals.
  • Did not believe in the existence of God.
  • Believe in Karma and the transmigration of the soul.
  • Laid great emphasis on equality.
  • Real Name -Vardhaman
  • Father’s Name- Siddhartha
  • Mother’s Name- Trishala
  • Wife’s Name- Yashoda
  • Sister’s Name- Priyakarini
  • Brother’s Name- Nandivardhan
  • Daughter’s Name- Priyadarshana
  • Son-in-Law – Jamali (Son of Mahavir’s sister, Priyakarini)

Doctrine of Jainism

Three Gems (Ratnas)5 Main Teachings5 Types of Knowledge

1. Right Faith (Samyak Vishwas)

2. Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan)

3. Right Conduct (Samyak Karma)

1. Non-Injury (Ahimsa)

2. Non-stealing (Asateya)

3. Non-lying

4. Non-Possession (Aparigraha)

5. celibacy (Brahmacharya)

1. Mati Janana

2. Shruti Jnana

3. Manah Paryay Jnana

4. Awadhi Jnana

5. Kaivalya Jnana

Jain Councils

1st- 4th Century BCPatliputraSthulbhadra12 Anga (Books, But not Finalised) to replace lost 14 Puvas
2nd- 5th Century ADVallabhi & MathuraDevardhi Kshama Shravan12 Angas and 12 Upangas (Finalised)
3rd- 453 CE or 456 CEVallabhiDevardhi Kshama Shravanthe religious was text written down as per the Mathura council

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