Important Notes on Jainism

  • Founder of Jainism- Rishabhadeva
  • Real Founder- Mahavira
  • 1st Tirthankara- Rishabhadeva
  • 23rd Tirthankara- Parsavanath
  • 24th Tirthankara- Mahavira

Parsavanath’s Life

  • Father’s Name- Ashwasen (A King of Banaras)
  • Mother’s Name- Vama
  • He left his home at the age of 49, reached Sammed Mountain (Ranchi, Jharkhand) and got Kaivalya.

Doctrine of Parswanath

  • Satya
  • Ahimsa
  • Asteya
  • Aparigraha

Mahavir’s Life

  • Birth Place- Kundgram (Vaishali)
  • Birth Period – 599 BC/568 BC/ 540 BC (NCERT- 599 BC)

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The Principle of Jainism as preached by Mahavira

  • Rejected the authorities of Vedas and the Vedic rituals.
  • Did not believe in the existence of God.
  • Believe in Karma and the transmigration of the soul.
  • Laid great emphasis on equality.
  • Real Name -Vardhaman
  • Father’s Name- Siddhartha
  • Mother’s Name- Trishala
  • Wife’s Name- Yashoda
  • Sister’s Name- Priyakarini
  • Brother’s Name- Nandivardhan
  • Daughter’s Name- Priyadarshana
  • Son-in-Law – Jamali (Son of Mahavir’s sister, Priyakarini)

Doctrine of Jainism

Three Gems (Ratnas) 5 Main Teachings 5 Types of Knowledge

1. Right Faith (Samyak Vishwas)

2. Right Knowledge (Samyak Gyan)

3. Right Conduct (Samyak Karma)

1. Non-Injury (Ahimsa)

2. Non-stealing (Asateya)

3. Non-lying

4. Non-Possession (Aparigraha)

5. celibacy (Brahmacharya)

1. Mati Janana

2. Shruti Jnana

3. Manah Paryay Jnana

4. Awadhi Jnana

5. Kaivalya Jnana

Jain Councils

1st- 3rd Century BC Patliputra Sthulbhadra 12 Anga (Books, But not Finalised) to replace lost 14 Puvas
2nd- 5th Century AD Vallabhi Devardhi Kshama Shravan 12 Angas and 12 Upangas (Finalised)

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