Ancient History MCQ for UPSC SSC

Ancient History MCQ

Let us go through some of the important ancient history MCQ questions. These ancient history MCQ questions are very important because these questions have already come in the previous year papers. So from that point, these questions become very important for exams like UPSC, SSC other competitive exams.

Ancient History MCQ Questions

1. From where the earliest evidence of the use of iron in India has been discovered?

a) Hastinapur

b) Taxila

c) Atranjikhera

d) None of these

2. Gopatha Brahamana is associated with-

a) Samveda

b) Rig Veda

c) Atharvaveda

d) Yajurveda

3. Rig Veda is a collection of

a) Hymns

b) Stories

c) Text of wars

d) None of the these

4. What is the main theme of Upanishads?

a) social structure

b) State

c) Philosophy

d) Law

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5. What is the term Aryan denotes?

a) an ethnic group

b) a speech group

c) a nomadic people

d) a superior race


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1. c) Atranjikhera

The site was discovered by Alexander Cunningham in 1862 but it was excavated by Ramesh C. Gaur in 1962 near the Kali river, a tributary of Ganga.

2. c) Atharvaveda

3. a) Hymns

Rigveda is a collection of thousands of Vedic Sanskrit hymns.

4. c) philosophy

5. d) a superior race

Aryan is a term which means ‘noble’ and was used by Indo-Iranian people.

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