GATE Mechanical Engineering Quiz-01

GATE Mechanical Engineering Quiz

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Quiz Questions

GATE Exam Quiz-01

Let's practice this mini quiz, comprising only 10 Questions from Theory of Machines, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing, and Fluid Mechanics.

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A sprue hole is _____.

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For ductile materials, the most appropriate failure theory is _____.

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Heat is transferred from an electric bulb by ______.

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Two insulating materials of thermal conductivity K and 2K are available for lagging a pipe carrying a hot fluid. If the radial thickness of each material is the same _____.

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Whirling speed of a shaft coincides with the natural frequency of the _____.

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Which surface will have the least emissivity?

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The assumption made in Fourier's law is that the heat flow

A. Is in steady-state
B. Through a solid medium in one dimension

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The ratio of the thickness of the thermal boundary layer to the thickness of the hydrodynamic boundary layer is equal to (Prandtl number) n, where n is_____.

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Which of the following processes would produce the best components?

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The process of heat transfer from a hot body to a cold body in a straight line, without affecting the intervening medium, is known as ______.

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