Industrial Engineering Objective Questions with Explanations

Industrial Engineering Objective Questions

Industrial Engineering Objective Questions

Hello Aspirants, here we have enlisted some of the important Industrial Engineering Objective Questions with Answers. These questions were asked in the previous years’ exams like GATE, IES, and the Railway engineering exams. SO, these Industrial Engineering Objective Questions will surely help you.



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1. MTM is a work measurement technique by-

A. Stopwatch study

B. Work sampling study

C. Past data comparison

D. The predetermined motion time system

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Correct Answer is D

MTM – Method time Measurement

It is based on the use of standard time for work elements that have been predetermined from a long period of observation and analysis.

2. Production Cost is basically refers to the sum of Prime Cost and-

A. factory overheads

B. factory and administration overheads

C. factory, administration and sales overheads

D. factory, administration and sales overheads, and profit

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Correct Answer is i.e. Factory Overhead

Production Cost = Prime Cost + Factory Overhead

and the Prime Cost is the sum of Direct material cost direct Labour Cost and Direct Expenses.

3. In time study, the rating factor is applied to determine-

A. standard time of a job

B. merit rating of the worker

C. normal tome of job

D. fixation of incentive rate

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Correct Answer is C

4. In value engineering, an important consideration is given to-

A. cost reduction

B. function concept

C. profit maximization

D. customer satisfaction

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Correct Answer is A

5. A device for lifting or lowering objects suspended from a hook at the end of a retractable chain or cable is called-

A. jib crane

B. hoist

C. chain conveyor

D. elevator

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Correct Answer is B

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