Notes on Indus Valley Civilization

Hello Aspirants, here we are providing History Notes on Indus Valley Civilization. These notes will help you with both SSC CGL Tier I and Tier II, UPSC, Banking, IBPS, and other competitive exams.

Indus Valley Civilization

  • It was a highly developed civilization and derived its name from the main rivers of that region- River Indus.
  • Harappa name is derived as follows-

HA – Haryumpia – The term is used in Rig Veda for Harappa.

RA – Ravi River

P – Punjab

PA – Pakistan

  • This Harappa culture belongs to the Bronze Age.
  • The people were not aware of Iron.
  • The script was boustrophedon, written from right to left in one line and then from left to right in the next line.
  • The script is not alphabetical but was pictographic.
  • Their pottery was Red and Black.
  • No temples are found in this civilization, But people worshipped Proto-Siva, Mother goddess, Ling, Yuni, and trees, etc.
  • Most Eastern Site of this Civilization was – Alamgirpur (Western Uttar Pradesh)
  • Western Site – Sut Kandor
  • Northern Site- Manda (J&K)
  • Southern Site- Daimabad (Maharashtra)

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This civilization is known with these three names-

  1. Indus Civilization
  2. Indus Valley Civilization
  3. Harappa Civilization
  • More than 1000 sites were found of this Civilization.
  • Harappa was discovered by Dayaram Sahni in 1921.
  • Mohenjodaro (one of the major sites, near river Indus in Sindh) was discovered by R. D. Banerjee in 1922.

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Major Indus Valley Sites

AlamgirpurHindonWestern UP
Sut KangedorDashkaMakran Coast
DaimabadParavara RiverMaharashtra
DholaviraLuni or Runn of KacchhGujarat

Decline Theory

  • Aryan Invasion- Given by Wheeler (Not Accepted)
  • Change in River Course- Given by Dales (Not Accepted)
  • Flood- Given by Mackey (Not Accepted)
  • Ecological Disturbance –Given by Fair Service (Accepted theory)

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