Short & Concise Indus Valley Civilization Notes for Govt. Exams

Hello Aspirants, here we are providing you the Indus Valley Civilization Notes. These Indus Valley Civilization notes will help you in your SSC CGL Tier I and Tier II, UPSC, Banking, IBPS, and other competitive exams.

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Indus Valley Civilization Notes

What is Indus Valley Civilization and its Features?

  • It was a highly developed civilization and derived its name from the main river of that region- River Indus.
  • Harappa name is derived as follows-

HA – Haryumpia – The term is used in Rig Veda for Harappa.

RA – Ravi River

P – Punjab

PA – Pakistan

  • This Harappa culture belongs to the Bronze Age.
  • The people were not aware of Iron.
  • The script was boustrophedon, written from right to left in one line and then from left to right in the next line.
  • The script is not alphabetical but was pictographic.
  • The pottery used by them was Red and Black.
  • No temples are found in this civilization, but people worshipped Proto-Siva, Mother goddess, Ling, Yuni, and trees, etc.
  • Most Eastern Site of this Civilization was – Alamgirpur (Western Uttar Pradesh)
  • Most Western Site of Indus Valley– Sut Kandor
  • Most Northern Site of Indus Valley- Manda (J&K)
  • Most Southern Site of Indus Valley- Daimabad (Maharashtra)

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This civilization is known with these three names-

  1. Indus Civilization
  2. Indus Valley Civilization
  3. Harappa Civilization
  • More than 1000 sites were found of this Civilization.
  • Harappa was discovered by Dayaram Sahni in 1921.
  • Mohenjodaro (one of the major sites, near river Indus in Sindh) was discovered by R. D. Banerjee in 1922.

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Major Indus Valley Sites

AlamgirpurHindonWestern UP
Sut KangedorDashkaMakran Coast
DaimabadParavara RiverMaharashtra
DholaviraLuni or Runn of KacchhGujarat

Decline Theory of Indus Valley Civilization

How did Indus Valley Civilization declined?

  • Aryan Invasion- Given by Wheeler (Not Accepted)
  • Change in River Course- Given by Dales (Not Accepted)
  • Flood- Given by Mackey (Not Accepted)
  • Ecological Disturbance –Given by Fair Service (Accepted theory)

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