IC Engine: Objective Questions

IC Engine Objective Questions

IC engine Objective Questions

Here are a few important Automobile Engineering or IC Engine Objective Questions with Answers for IES, GATE, ISRO, DRDO Exams. You must practice these IC Engine Objective Questions before appearing for the exams.

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1. The method of determination of indicated power of multi-cylinder SI engine is by the use of-

A. Morse test

B. Heat Balance test

C. Motoring test

D. Prony brake test

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Correct Answer is A

Morse test- Since frictional power can be easily calculated.

2. The presence of nitrogen in the process of combustion ensures that:

A. air is used for the combustion

B. incomplete combustion of fuels occur

C. complete combustion of a fuel occurs

D. dry products of combustion are analyzed

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Correct Answer is A

Since it doesn’t take part in combustion, so it indicates that air is used for combustion.

3. For the same maximum pressure and heat input, the most efficient cycle is-

A. Diesel Cycle

B. Otto Cycle

C. Brayton Cycle

D. Diesel Cycle

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Correct Answer is A

4. In a variable speed SI engine, the maximum torque occurs at the maximum-

A. Brake Power

B. Speed

C. Volumetric Efficiency

D. Indicated Power

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Correct Answer is A

Brake Power = (2×π×N×T)/60

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5. The amount of CO2 produced by 1 kg of carbon on complete combustion is-

A. 3/11 kg

B. 3/8 kg

C. 8/3 kg

D. 11/3

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Correct Answer is D

C\quad +\quad { O }_{ 2 }\quad \rightarrow \quad { CO }_{ 2 }

Here 12 kg pf C reacts with 32 kg of { O }_{ 2 } , and produces 44 kg { CO }_{ 2 }

Hence, 1 kg of C ? 44/12 = 11/3

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