Economics: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

81. Which of the following is a part of the tertiary sector?

A. Animal Husbandry

B. Cultivation of Crops

C. Cotton Manufacturing

D. Power and Transportation

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Correct Answer is D

82. Which five-year plan focused on “Growth with social justice and equity”?

A. Ninth Five Year Plan

B. Eight Five Year Plan

C. Seventh Five Year Plan

D. Sixth Five Year Plan

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Correct Answer is A

83. Who coined the term Hindu rate of growth for Indian Economy?

A. Amartya Sen

B. Montek Singh Ahluwalia

C. Raj Krishna

D. Dr. Manmohan Singh

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84. When was the Planning Commission of India constituted?

A. 1950

B. 1947

C. 1956

D. 1992

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The Correct option is (A)

The Planning Commission was framed in 15th March 1950. The chairman was the first Prime Misnister of india, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

85. The Planning Commission of India was a/an

A. Constitutional body

B. Statutory body

C. Non-Statutory body

D. Independent and autonomous body

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