Economics: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

86. Who suggested the Rolling Plan for backward countries?

A. W. A. Lewis

B. Gunnar Myrdal

C. R. Nurkse

D. None of these

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87. The 10th Five Year Plan covers the period of-

A. 1997-2002

B. 2002-2007

C. 2000-2005

D. 1999-2003

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88. What was the period of Plan Holiday in India was?

A. 1962-1965

B. 1966-1969

C. 1969-1972

D. 1965-1968

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89. Which of the following depicts the standard of living of a country?

A. Per capita Income

B. Unemployment Rate

C. Poverty Ratio

D. National Income

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90. What is ‘I’ in the abbreviation of IRDP?

A. International

B. Indian

C. Integrated

D. Insurance

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